One To One Course

One To One Course

We offer daily courses and the school is open continuously 9 am to 8 pm, Saturdays 9 am to 3pm. Students can choose their own schedules. sono tenute solo da insegnanti madrelingua qualificati e la frequenza e la durata si possono personalizzare  tenendo conto degli impegni personali e professionali.I corsi possono essere annuali,intensivi,estivi o anche solo di 10 ore.

Lessons are taught by qualified native speakers and courses can be tailored on the students’ needs. One year course, intensive and summer courses are available. Students take an entrance test and interview with our teachers at the beginning of the course to assess their language skills and allow us to plan a skills development program to reach set targets.

We offer university-level tailor-made courses to obtain international certification. Specialized language tuition is also available in vocational areas such as law, finance and medicine, and pronunciation and diction courses for actors and artists. Particular attention is devoted to custom courses for children, teen-agers and adults.



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