The teachers and methodology


The teachers and methodology

A team of qualified native teachers from all over the world makes the school a nurturing place: they are native speakers or bilinguals holding a university degree as well as certifications of teaching English as a foreign or second language.

A&A’s qualified and enthusiastic teachers are selected not only for their skills but also for their attitude, which must be combined with our school’s principles. They put students at ease and bring an ability to work with students who have already worked to improve their knowledge of a foreign language and expect substantial results from a tailor made course.

Our teachers take periodic update courses held by Trinity College London or similar certification bodies; moreover, they are willing to innovate and try new things, both teaching skills and educational apps, ICT tools and electronic devices. Our teachers concentrate on conversation and comprehension as well as writing, reading and grammar skills.

Speaking Italian is not allowed in classes and it used only when needed.

Teachers help students to prepare carefully for university exams, job interviews and State competitive examinations. Specialized language tuition in vocational areas such as law, finance and medicine is also available.

An entry test allows teachers to assess the student’s linguistic skills and suggest which course best suits him or her.

Grammar skills will be practiced during the various units and they will be combined with different context vocabularies in order to improve communication not only in daily situations but also in social or business settings.

During the course, exams will be used to evaluate the student’s improvement relative to international certification levels. Listening skills are also practiced using CDs and multimedia.

Our teachers will provide guidance on how to study at home efficiently.

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